Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birds are done!

I got all of my birds done. I believe there are nine.. I'm too lazy to get up and count. But- they're cute! Really cute! I just need to head outside and find some little branches for them to live on. Then the mobile is finished!

I did another little art project today- I'll post some pictures later.

Some of the birdies (pictures taken with my FABULOUS birthday present from my fiance):

Craigslist dresser/chiffarobe.. it's a beaut!

I was searching through Craigslist this morning, looking for some fabulous finds for hubby-to-be and I to snag tomorrow... and there she was. This GORGEOUS dresser/chiffarobe/amazingingly-wonderful-will-be-mine-piece is coming home with us tomorrow.

I'm going to sand it down and paint it, and ohhhh am I looking forward to it. I know this will be a piece that will be with us for years. {love}

The little gem before:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bird sewing mania is almost over.

I've been working like crazy on the birds for the mobile. I've already got seven done and I've got two more to go. Then, I'll get them situated on some branches and get it all put together. I'm so thrilled with them! For someone with ZERO sewing skills, they don't look half bad!

I think I should be done sewing the birds by tonight. Tomorrow I'll head over to the craft store and get the other things I need for it. The whole mobile should be finished up tomorrow! Watch for pictures!

I've also started registering for baby goodies... so much fun! I was trying to find bedding that I liked and ended up finding ten thousand other things, so the registry was started.

More tomorrow...!

New home.

I know, I'd barely gotten started over at Weebly, but their getup just wasn't working for me. We didn't play well together. So here we are at Blogger! I'll go ahead and move my old posts over- no need to pop in over there as well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First attempt with the bird mobile.

Okay, keep in mind, this is my first attempt at sewing anything in about six years. My first finished bird definitely has a certain.. home made.. look to it. It's tail is crooked and the seams aren't sewn correctly in a few spots- but it was sure made with love! Good thing babies aren't judgemental.

I've gotten my second birdie done now, as soon as I get a few more done I'll post some more pics. Excited!

The project list, part one.

I have so many awesome/fabulous/gorgeous projects I've come across for Sophie's room. With my shoddy preggo brain (read: no memory what so ever), a list is much needed. I love the ideas, but without having them in writing, they'll be forgotten in the next five minutes... really.

The list:
- Mural. Probably a tree, like the one seen over on the Rockin' the Suburbs blog.
- Growth chart. Love the burlap one that the author at Cakies did for her daughter's room. I love that it's natural, a more organic fabric. Plus- it can be saved and moved from house to house. Love it.
- Find a dresser and a changing table at a thrift store/garage sale/etc to paint and renew for Sophie's clothes.
- Discover some type of vintagey kids books or clothing for artwork.
- Make the bird mobile @ Spool Sewing with the pattern found here. This will be my first attempt at sewing in quite a long time. Yes, I will be repeating the "I can do this" mantra over and over again.
- Get mason jars for pictures. Again, the mama at Rockin' the Suburbs was the inspiration for this super cute idea. I love that the pictures aren't housed in some boring frame- but still look great and I especially love that you can put special mementos in along with the pictures.
- Make closet dividers. Need to also come up with a cute idea for them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I love muted, dusty, airy, beachy colors. If I could get away with doing her nursery in light blues and greens... I would. But, there is no way daddy will let that happen. Plus, I think once I get going with a girly hideaway, I'll be just thrilled with it.

I ran across the site COLOURlovers and it. is. awesome. You can play til your heart's content with different colors, make palettes, patterns, browse through other's creations.

These are the colors I'm thinking I'll be going with for her room:

Just the beginning

Sophie's home inside our house. For me, my bedroom has always been much more of my home than any other part of my house. It is the one place where I feel most relaxed, most safe and most... well.. at home. When I was little, my room represented the same sort of haven- it was just much more about imagination and dreaming than rest. This is all about my journey to create the perfect nest for my little one.
Although we're in the process of selling our condo and buying a house, I just cannot wait to get started on all of the gorgeous things I have planned for Sophie's room. I am so, so, SO excited to create this space for her. Her nest.