Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The project list, part one.

I have so many awesome/fabulous/gorgeous projects I've come across for Sophie's room. With my shoddy preggo brain (read: no memory what so ever), a list is much needed. I love the ideas, but without having them in writing, they'll be forgotten in the next five minutes... really.

The list:
- Mural. Probably a tree, like the one seen over on the Rockin' the Suburbs blog.
- Growth chart. Love the burlap one that the author at Cakies did for her daughter's room. I love that it's natural, a more organic fabric. Plus- it can be saved and moved from house to house. Love it.
- Find a dresser and a changing table at a thrift store/garage sale/etc to paint and renew for Sophie's clothes.
- Discover some type of vintagey kids books or clothing for artwork.
- Make the bird mobile @ Spool Sewing with the pattern found here. This will be my first attempt at sewing in quite a long time. Yes, I will be repeating the "I can do this" mantra over and over again.
- Get mason jars for pictures. Again, the mama at Rockin' the Suburbs was the inspiration for this super cute idea. I love that the pictures aren't housed in some boring frame- but still look great and I especially love that you can put special mementos in along with the pictures.
- Make closet dividers. Need to also come up with a cute idea for them.

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