Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beau Sophie is up and running!

While I've been MIA the past month or so (eeps... can't believe it was that long), I've been a busy bed-ridden bee. Since I'm on bed rest, I've been pretty limited on which creative muscles I can flex. Good thing I had approximately 9 billion beads, really, that many- just ask my hubby. Now that I have some gorrrrrgeous new jewelry pieces, I have nowhere to wear them! Enter Etsy {swoon}.

I'm now the proud owner of Beau Sophie- my own little piece of Etsy heaven (and it is heavenly, I feel pretty safe saying that damn near everything on Etsy is at least a bit heavenly).

As of now, I've got a few jewelry pieces up there and...

wait for it....

Hair accessories! How fun, right? I've been on a kick of making adorable flower clips (perfect for any little ladies in your life).

Be sure to pop over there and snoop around, there might be a little something you just can't live without!

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