Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just had to share it

Alright, I do actually have quite a few crafty goodies to share with you today, but I'm still in bed and don't care to get up and take pictures right now. I'm lazy. I'm also 25 weeks pregnant, so laziness and I are becoming great friends.
I've been sitting here going through all of the posts on my reader, while enjoying a gigantic bowl of lucky charms (there might also be a baked potato in my near future) and I stumbled upon a post that brought me some naughty giggles. Thought you all might enjoy something to laugh about this morning too.

The mama over at Rockin' the Suburbs shares her horrifying Ohio suburb fashion experience. Here are a few tasty bits to tempt you...
"7. Ed Hardy. Just.Don’t."
"14. Facial Hair. There is no need to be embarrassed by this- just get some Nair and melt it off! A salon wax is around $15. Pick one. 14a. groom your eyebrows. Your brows frame your face, you can be the poster hanging with thumb tacks or the nice matted frame hanging neatly on the wall. Do you want to look like a dorm room or a stylish house?"

I just have to say... I couldn't agree more with nixing the Ed Hardy bandwagon. Hate it.

Be back later with some crafty fun!


Anonymous said...

i just bought an ed hardy air freshner cause i loved it! wahh ha -cierra

Christina said...

Boy did that list stir up some trouble! Im glad you liked it, Im still paying for it.