Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I won, I won!

I never win anything. Becoming part of the blogging world has opened me up to a plethora of fabulous give away's. The awesome folks over at Beddingsets.com & Spearmint Baby (if you haven't checked out their site, even if there isn't a baby in your life, you should- super cute) held a give away for a Fauna pillow- and I WON! Woooohooo!

I got to choose which one I wanted, I went with the Fauna Kitten pillow. I think it's going to look adorable in Sophie's nursery. It's such a sweet little kittie! To check out the selection of Fauna pillows, go here.


Anonymous said...

SWEET. That is adorable. Finally a kitty that I am not allergic to!

Anonymous said...

BTW..that was me who said the above comment. (sara) =)